Stroop task

The Stroop Task is one of the best known psychological experiments named after John Ridley Stroop. The Stroop phenomenon demonstrates that it is difficult to name the ink color of a color word if there is a mismatch between ink color and word. For example, the word GREEN printed in red ink.

Stop signal task

Response inhibition is essential for navigating everyday life. Its derailment is considered integral to numerous neurological and psychiatric disorders, and more generally, to a wide range of behavioral and health problems. Response-inhibition efficiency furthermore correlates with treatment outcome in some of these conditions. The stop-signal task is an essential tool to determine how quickly response inhibition is implemented.

Dual working memory-attention task

Working memory and visual attention are two subdomains of executive functions. Earlier
studies have shown that these two domains interact with each other on the behavioral level. Namely, the
reaction time difference between low and high visual attention conditions increased in high
working memory load conditions, but this difference was minimal in the low working memory
load condition. This test is optimal to dissociate the working-memory
load~ and attention-correlations.